Breakfast and Afterschool club

Wraparound care at St Mary's offers a fun, safe environment where children can still learn, play and interact with adults they know and trust. St Mary's Wraparound Care offers regular and ad-hoc care before and after school.

Everybody is welcome, from Reception to Year 6 with various activities to suit the different age groups. During wraparound care, the children have access to safe and fun play equipment and daily planned activities but also can choose what suits them.


Breakfast Club

An energising start to the day.

Typical timing: 07.30 – 08.30

Our Breakfast Club offers mentally and physically stimulating activities that sharpen and focus the mind while waking up the body. Our Breakfast Club includes a healthy and nutritious breakfast, including food that is low in added sugar and rich in proteins and fibre, helping to extend attention span, concentration, and memory. The children at Breakfast Club have access to the outside space first thing.  Evidence shows that a dose of physical activity before school helps to engage children’s minds and prepare them for the day ahead.


After-school Club

Rounding off the day right.
Typical timing: end of school day – 18.00

Our after-school club is designed to function as a ‘pause point’ that concludes the school day.
Sessions vary daily and include a range of indoor and outdoor activities as well as ‘quiet time’ when children can do homework or read if they wish.
We encourage all children to participate in some physical activity. These activities are inclusive – not just for sporty children – and aim to keep them active through play. This improves social skills, self-esteem, balance, coordination, and well-being.


Please contact the school office for more information.