How do we address the inequality in the world? We make a start with St.Mary's Timsbury!

LGBTQ+ Day at St Mary’s

On Friday 23rd February, our school held an LGBTQ+ day. Each class wore a different colour: Y6-Red, Y5-Orange, Y4-Yellow, Y3-Green, Y2-Blue, Y1-Purple and Reception and Pre-School wore rainbow colours. LGBTQ+ month was from Thursday 1st February to Thursday 29th February.

LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer, the plus is for any other gender identities, expressions, orientations and variations in sex characteristics. The colours of the rainbow on the flag represent things as well: red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for magic and purple for spirit.

LGBTQ+ day is important so we can recognise people from that community and make sure we don’t exclude them or offend them by being sexist and saying things like “You can’t join in with us because you are transgender.” It hurts people’s feelings and upsets them so we need to make sure we don't say things like that.


The flag shows all the colours of the rainbow and it also represents transgender (White, Blue and Pink) and the importance of LGBTQ+ people of other races (Brown and Black).

The equalities team held an assembly all about LGBTQ+ and explained the importance of it. The equalities team said: In our assembly, we talked about LGBTQ+ history month and famous LGBTQ+ icons like Freddie Mercury. We also said what each of the letters stand for, L for Lesbian, G for Gay, B for Bisexual, T for transgander, Q for queer and the plus for any other genders or identities.

By St Mary’s News Team