Pupil Leadership Groups

At St Mary's we have a number of pupil leadership groups running, involving children from across the school. 

Pupil Leadership Group Purpose of the Group
Worship Champions Support, improve and develop collective worship at St.Mary's. To participate in Collective worship by lighting the candle, enacting stories from the Bible and leading prayers. To record the learning from collective worship in a class book. 
 School Council To gather opinions from the school, make positive changes to St Mary's and fundraise to improve our offer. 
 News Getting the word out! Our team of journalists will bring you all the latest news from your favourite primary school! 
 Library Work together with others to improve and keep our library tidy. Help make the library inviting for others.
 Play  To ensure that all children have a safe, happy and enjoyable playtime/lunchtime by considering the needs of all children in our school.
 Global Links  Being aware of the wider world. increasing our understanding of our own heritage. Making links with a school overseas and providing support through charitable events.
 Eco Team Can we go greener? Making our school and surrounding environment a greener, more sustainable place.
Equalities How do we address the inequality in the world? We make a start with St.Mary's Timsbury!
Mini Police  Our very own year 5 community police team working alongside our neighbourhood PCSOs!